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About Christoff Smit

**Please note, my main port with all my shots etc is on Model Mayhem. Follow the link or my MM#2657398

**Agency Represented in South Africa - Looking to travel outside of South Africa!

Thank you for having a look at my profile :-)

*Photographers - Please have a look under my lists, you will see a collection of shoots that i still need to do for my port.

I'm: Adrenaline junkie, business man, racing driver (quad bikes & racing cars), animal lover, farmer, geek and mountain biker... So I'm pretty much right for any job :-)

Other sites i am on:
Modelbase.co.za - MB#: 33086

PM me if interested


Add me on Whatsapp, number is: +2782 416 9712 (or just phone/sms me)
Instagram: @christoff.smit

Christoff Smit Credits

I'm currently one of the male faces of "Partners Hair Design" (owner: Lewis Thomas).

Corbis Images
Cornucopia Productions - Jerry Allen Davis - Mayhem #433577
06 Productions Ltd
Getty Images
Roy McMahon Photography
Mark Giot (Video Recording & Editing)
www.click2surf.co.za (Website Designing)
3D Model Agency - Campsbay, Cape Town
Nads Photography
Debbie Lourens Photography
HV Fotografie - Mayhem #1373843 (Hayden - Germany)
Partners Hair Design (Lewis Thomas)
Igor Polzenhagen Photography - Mayhem #2640623

-----Acting / TV Work-----

Was a performer in two of the performances that was hosted in Cape Town for the Paul Mitchell Hairstylist of the Year 2014 Show (Won the team event)

Was one of the actors in the series called: Connected
My part starts at 50sec in the video and my 2nd part is directly after the 1st.
(Link: http://youtu.be/EswsBH8xB0Y)

Was a stunt driver in a German TV ad where i drove a racing car thru some tight corners and did burnouts etc, then stopped, got out the car and walked towards the camera as i took my helmet off. (don't have a link)

Was an extra in a BlackBerry TV Ad. (Link: http://youtu.be/MJwjq2TeLsY)




Ultipics 3 years ago

Welcome to MB! Have fun.......

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