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About gmh

I'm a big fan of natural light, outdoor and location shooting. In my free time im out scouting for new and interesting location. If you are interested in working with me contact me by email on ghudd.photo@gmail.com</p>


Gary is great to work with. He was so relaxed and competent, he has some great ideas and wasn\'t adverse to trying ideas that we wanted to do. The pics speak for themselves as to how talented he is. But really, i enjoyed the shoot with him - he is a very personable person, easy to get along with and great to work with. I\'d do it again, Anytime.

Angel_Blythe_3924_1306187109.jpg Angel Blythe

gary is deffinately a professional in the field and it\'s always a pleasure working with someone who knows what he\'s doing....as you can see from his fantastic work

cognito_3667_1227075786.jpg cognito

Gary was amazing to work with! Professional, came prepared with many ideas. Organised a great location for the shoot. He also send pictures & CD promptly after the shoot! Thanks Gary!!

Sasha_51_1385476889.jpg Sasha

i really enjoyed working with gmh, he is truely creative and innovative with all the shots he has to do, even if it means he takes a fall for that perfect shot, i highly recommend him to anyone who wants an excellent set of photos for their portfolio

Calypso_4196_1232948718.jpg Calypso

Gary is one of the most comfortable, most profesional and satisfactory photographers to work with. His skills with spotting a location that would work for a shoot is amazing! He was professional in the way that he only did what we felt comfortable with and the way he quickly put me at ease. I would gladly recommend him and will work with him again in a heartbeat.

Zee_4368_1244042445.jpg Zee

I would recommend gmh to anyone - he is a great photographer. He captures us models extremely well, and because he has such a interest in outdoor photographer he captures the setting brilliantly as well. His direction is very good too, making no mistake in getting the shot he wants. Besides being a great photographer he is very friendly getting everyone involved in the shoot in the right mood. I recommend anyone wanting to work with him and look forward to the next shoot with gmh.

Michal_3592_1287409350.jpg Michal

I done a shoot with gmh and it was an amazing experience, thank you so much btw the photos looks fantastic.

Doms_4488_1214972549.jpg Ddd

I really enjoyed working with Gary! He is easy-going and friendly and I had a lot of fun with him during the day of the shoot. What I have seen so far of the pictures of our shoot is some really exciting work! I would work with him again anytime in the future.

Koula_514_1254390403.jpg Koula

Gary is a fantastic photographer to work with. He really made me feel comfortable and at ease. He directed well and knew exactly what was working and what doesn\'t. He knows of many amazing locations and knows a winning shot when he sees one. I would definitely recommend him to anyone wanting STUNNING shots in their portfolio!

Miss_C_5098_1208981369.jpg Miss_C

gmh is really great and fun to work with I would refer him to anyone!!

Cindy_lee_7684_1296074680.jpg Cindy-lee

i had a wonderful time shooting with Gary. he is very professional and friendly. he made me feel very cumfortable. the photos i recieved came out stunning, and i got a lot off compliments on his work. i would recommend him to anyone who wants quality photographs. he gave me lots off advice on day off shooting. thanks again Gary.

lalita-9164-1434109569.jpg lalita

Gary is an amazing photographer with the talent to make any girl look beautiful! I think any girl would be lucky if she got to shoot with him. Highly recommended!

Nena_Hugo_11535_1405011613.jpg Nena Hugo

He is very talented and he has got a good eye for photpgraphy. He works good with the models and gives feedback form a make up point of view. I hope to work with him again soon!

Simone_Matthee_11348_1269883731.jpg Simone Matthee
MakeUp Artist

To all you Modelbasers out there... I can with confidence say that this man knows what he\'s doing. He is a professional in his field, knows how to direct, makes one feel comfortable around him (Witch to me is VERY important), gives the model chance for his/her idea, is very open to new suggestions and in general a very pleasant man to be around with. I\'d like to add that the shoot that we did was one out of the usual and very cold...but what flattered me was the fact that Gary is a very understanding guy and knew exactly how to go about think to make the best of it :D Thank you again.

LittleHarlequin_16308_1366183394.jpg Little.Harlequin

I have had the pleasure of working with Gary a couple of times and every time we have had a blast shooting, he is patient, delegates and just out right fun to work with: basically a gem out of many photographers! :) From what I experienced he works hard to ensure that every shot is a work of art and of the highest quality. His work is fantastic and he definitely sets the bar high for standards with his photography. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who wants something super awesome in their port. I am definitely looking forward to working with him again!! :)

Elouise_22508_1358777204.jpg Elouise




Morgaen 2 years ago

thank you very muvh :)


Jadwiga 2 years ago

Wow,amazing portfolio-would love to work with you someday.


Paddyphoto 2 years ago

Thanks for the feedback. Much appreciated!


Danny Steyn 3 years ago

Impressive port - great instinct for what works!


EC Studio 3 years ago

Awesome port Gary


Peter Sealy-Fisher 3 years ago

Loving your recent work, Gary!

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